Tuesday 12 June 2007

I'm a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown

..not true really, or at least not most of the time, though I must admit this has been so far a pretty exausting, if very fulfilling, year and am therefore really looking forward to taking a whole month of in August (it's a first, believe me!!!).
Plans for the summer? not even one. We'd talked about spending a couple of weeks in Pantelleria, where my husband's family is originally from, but alas, little money and no beaches on the island rapidly turned our dream into an impossible fantasy.

And so the plan is to spend a couple of weeks at my in-laws house, not far from the beach in Nettuno, and then lover boy and I might, and I do wish to stress the word might, spend a couple of days in Senigallia, during the Summer Jamboree week. (check the website http://www.summerjamboree.com/)
What week, one may wonder....for a full week this summer resort on the adriatic coast plunges back in time to the good ol'1950s, with tiki parties on the beach, vintage cars, vintage clothes, and oh boy vintage hairdos, Elvis stile and all!!!

We went three years ago with a big group of friends only to find even more friends when we got there, it's a really huge appointment in Europe, something not to be missed rockabillies and such.

We skipped the two following years first 'cos I was especting, then 'cos my little tsunami was just too small for it.

This year the plan is to go on the wednesday and I'll return on the friday, whereas he'll go up to Piemonte for a bicker fest. It is yet only a plan, as it would mean to leave my little tsunami with my mother for a couple of days and I'm not sure I can yet cope with the idea. Taking him with us is out of the question, he's used to going to sleep at 7.30 pm....that says it all!!!!

The wednesday night we'd be going to see Jerry Lee Lewis in concert (yea, I know, I thought he'd died long ago of old age, but I was wrong, eh?), and the second night, the one I'm most interested in, the Dita Von Teese strip show!!!!!

Ok, I've gone of on a tangent there, so moving back to the title....one of my favourite movies, and one I'm planing to watch with lover boy this evening, as he's never seen it, and I'm sure he'll like it. I mean what's not to like about this movie???

Plus to really recreate the atmosphere, I'm planning on making Gazpacho Andaluz for dinner, which should keep him happy, as it's a light dish and he's braking my back with the whole 'I've put on weight, I'm on a diet starting from now' bull that I've been having to endure for the past three months.
Why do men simply not accept the fact that your body simply changes in time, and that he's moving towards forty, not twentytwo!!!!

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