Wednesday 23 May 2007

I want it too!!!

Good Morning world.
long time, no chat, but alas, work, family and belated spring cleaning have kept me away from my newborn blog, but here I am, in full glory, and chatty more then ever.
brousing through the net this morning, while sipping my first cup of espresso of the day (many more to come, believe me) I bumped into this incredible house!

I absolutely love these floors, even if I must admit that the overall effect might, for many, be a little OTT!

I only wish I had the courage (and the dosh!) to change my simple and incredibly ugly floors, and do something of the sort in my house, and stop being lazy and the usual procrastinator I am and buy tubs of paint to give more life to my many (too many) white walls.
phone ringing, work awaiting, better get my act together and start another day, with the promise to myself to download pics of my latest food experiments tomorrow, for the world to see!!!

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